X9.37 Sample code Example2Text.

An open source x9.37 file reader.



Sample Source Code: Example2Text.exe
Purpose: Read each line of an x9 file, then display each field as text, as shown between ~* and *~ tokens.     The format of an x9 file, is also in the file.
Compile using your favorite cpp compiler using 4 byte ints. (compiles in both little endian and big endian).     Source files are shown below.

Sample snippit.     This is a sample output snippit from Example2Text.exe. Each "Record" has multiple fields, and shown below is record number 2531 which is a type 99 record.     This example shows the first three fields of the 99 record: fields 01, 02 and 03.     The ~* token specifies the start of the ascii intrepreation of the x9 field.     The *~ token ends the ascii intrepretation of the x9 field.     The description of the field, and the "ascii value" is shown, but the intrepretaion of the ascii value is not shown in this example.
99.01, rn=2531 RecordType *~99~*
99.02, rn=2531 Cash Letter Count *~000001~*
99.03, rn=2531 total record Count *~00002531~*
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