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X9.37 Record Details

X9.37 Record Type Summary

01: File Header

10: Cash Letter Header

20: Bundle Header

25: Check Detail

26: Check Detail Addendum A

28: Check Detail Addendum C

31: Return

32: Return Addendum A

33: Return Addendum B Record

35: Return Addendum D

50: Image View Detail

52: Image View Data

54: Image View Analysis

70: Bundle Control

85: Routing Number Summary

90: Cash Letter Control

99: File Control

X9.37 DSTU-2003 Section 7, File Record Header (type 01).
Field Number Name X9.37 DSTU-2003 Notes UCD Notes FRB Validation Type Size
0 (Required) Record Size 4 Byte Big Endian Record Size, which is always 80, and always the first record in the file. (Size does not include the size of the 4 byte int)


Must be 80 bytes, because this is the size defined for the File Header Record. INT4 4

1 (Required)

Record Type value=01 (File Record Header) 01 Must be first record in file, or file rejected by the frb. N 2

2 (Required)

Standard Level value=03 (X9.37-DSTU-2003) 03 Must be 03 or file will be rejected. N 2

3 (Required)

Test File Indicator P=Production or T=Test   Must be P or T. AN 1

4 (Required)

Immediate Destination Routing Number The intended destination routing number (bank) of this file. Must be a valid 9 digit routing number (or blank).

Must be a valid 9 digit routing number.

N 9
5 (Required) Immediate Origin Routing Number The financial instution that created the file. Must be a valid 9 digit routing number. Must be a valid 9 digit routing number. N 9

6 (Required)

File Creation Date format= YYYYMMDD Eastern Time Zone Normalized. Eastern Time Zone. N 8

7 (Required)

File Creation Time format=HHMM, Eastern Time Zone Eastern Time Zone Normalized, Military Time. Eastern Time Zone, Military Time, future dated files will be rejected. N 4

8 (Required)

Resend Indicator Y or N. Must be N. Must be N. AN 1


Immediate Destination Name Who gets the file.


not checked. N 18


Immediate Origin Name Who send the file.


not checked. N 18
11 File ID Modifier (blank or [0..9]).  There is a resonable limit of 2 gb, so, this might help have multiple files with same date/time. (Type Alpha-Numeric allowed). Blank, or [0..9]


N in ANSI spec, N in FRB,  AN in UCD

12 Country Code



not checked. AN 2
13 User Field



not checked. AN 4

Reserved in X9.37 DSTU-2003


Companion Document Version Indicator in UCD (value=1).



not checked. DISCREPENCY:

Blank in ANSI spec,

N in UCD,

Unchecked in FRB.



(*) The ANSI standard X9.37 DSTU-2003 specification lists 13 fields and one reserved field, the Universal Companion Document uses the "reserved" field.

(*) The File Header Record is the first record in the file.

(*) Federal Reseve Banks will reject the FILE if the requirements are not met for this record.

(*) X9.37 DSTU-2003, mandates that conditional fields that are not used, should be filled with blanks.

(*) FYI: Except for the int4 size, this record is EBCDIC text.

(*) Federal Reserve Banks will do a lookup of the routing numbers, so, the numbers need to be valid, and the banks have to exist.


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